What We Do

Web Development And Deployment

We put businesses, schools, government organizations, churches, shopping malls etc on the global map online by developing and deploying quality, efficient and responsive websites and portals which help to position the above mentioned organizations for international recorgnition thereby giving them a competitive edge.

With deep expertise in programming languages like PHP, HTML, Java Script, Python, XML, XHTML, and Visual C, to mention a few, we are able to deliver the best of online demands of our clients.

Data Storage Solutions

With years of expertise and experience in database administration, we are able to provide advanced data management systems to larger organizations like Chicason groug of companies in partnership with Evofel Technologies Limited. 

Our extensive trainings and experience on Oracle and Microsoft database technologies enable us to give our customers the peace of mind they need knowing that the highly valued operational records for the day to day operations of their businesses and organizations will never be lost.

ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning software is a must for large organizations that want to remain relevant in this computer age and era. We do business processes that optimizes the work flow of organizations, then advice, design and implement the best ERP Software solution that greatly enhances the productivity and profitability of the involved company, organization or business.

Computer Hardware And Network Deployment

Due to customer demand, we have gained years of expertise on computer hardware procurement, deployment and Networking. We provide you with state of the art branded desktops, laptops and mobile tablets that are rugged and can withstand daily work pressures.

We network them for full internal and external communications within the company or organization for seemless interaction between staff, members and clients.

Simply put, we computerize your organization from the scratch.

Business And Services Promotion

At IkSectors, we also undertake the responsibility of creating awareness for products or services offered by our clients. We advertise your business or organization on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. We take your business directly to the right audience thereby facilitating your growth and expansion to astronomical levels.

Cloud Services

We have taken technology further by pushing the limits of computing and software engineering and designs.

We can take all the computing infrastructures of our clients and customers, and put them away in the clouds through the concept of Cloud Computing. This takes away the headache of having to manage and maintain computer hardware equipment installations, storage, servers, complex network environments, and the space occupied by the above mentioned. These ensure that the company or organization focuses on their main objectives in the stead of worrying about equipment breakdown and repairs.